Why get our Advanced Braces?

Why get our Advanced Braces? Coastal Orthodontics Orthodontist in Beaufort, SCWhy get our Advanced Braces?

At Coastal Orthodontics, we offer both traditional metal braces as well as advanced braces, also known as self-ligating braces in Beaufort, SC. These new kinds of braces offer several different advantages over traditional braces. For both teens and adults, the more advanced features of self-ligating, advanced braces can create a more compelling reason to make now the time to finally correct orthodontic issues and get a healthier and straighter smile.

Self-ligating Braces Versus Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces have three main components. Metal brackets are fixed to the front of the teeth. A metal wire connects the brackets together to create a complete system for straightening. Last, rubber bands go around the brackets to reinforce and hold the wire to the bracket to create sufficient pressure for straightening to occur. 

Self-ligating braces do not require rubber bands. Instead, the bracket connects directly to the wire itself without requiring elastics or rubber bands. This results in a braces system that has greater effectiveness.


What Makes Advanced Braces Different?

Advanced, self-ligating braces make the entire braces treatment better in several ways, including:

  • Treatment with self-ligating braces is faster – The bracket clips hold directly onto the wire, which results in just the right amount of pressure on teeth at the right angle. This increases the speed at which teeth can move into more straightened positions. The net result is less time with braces on average. 
  • Advanced braces require fewer visits to the orthodontist – Because self-ligating braces can do more on their own to apply the correct pressure, you don’t have to see us as often to monitor progress and make adjustments.
  • More comfortable and pleasant braces experience – Self-ligating braces are small and more compact. This means less tension and scraping on gums and overall less discomfort. Because they are smaller, they are also more subtle. Advanced braces can also have discreet color options, almost entirely hiding your orthodontic treatment from those around you. 


Are There Reasons to not get Self-ligating Braces?

Like almost every orthodontic treatment, one major factor for what works best is the patient preferences and the condition of a patient’s jaws, teeth, and gums. In some cases, depending on the nature of your orthodontic issues (misalignment, bite, crowding, etc.), traditional braces may be more effective or a less expensive treatment option than self-ligating braces. But in most cases, advanced braces carry more pros than cons. 


Advanced Braces in Adults vs. Teens and Children

There is no real difference in using self-ligating braces on children versus adults. The biggest change is the condition of a patient’s teeth and how set their jaws and gums have become. One of the reasons orthodontic treatment is recommended during teenage years is because the mouth and jaws are still developing and can respond quickly to treatment. Self-ligating braces present a faster, more subtle option for working adults who want to correct their smile but are worried about the appearance of braces in professional settings. This can especially be the case when solutions like invisible aligners are not recommended, depending on a patient’s orthodontic issues. 


Advanced Braces at Coastal Orthodontics

Now is the best time to get orthodontic treatment, and self-ligating braces may be the solution you need to have a pleasant and quick treatment. The best way to get your questions answered and learn about the right approach for your smile is to schedule an appointment with us. We can do an examination and provide a free consultation to discuss the options and provide our recommendations. You could be closer than you think to the straight smile you have always wanted.

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