Treatment Options

Enjoy Comprehensive Care at Coastal Orthodontics

Our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Garrison, and our orthodontic team at Coastal Orthodontics offer our patients a variety of the most advanced orthodontic treatment in Beaufort, SC. Treatment options include metal bracesclear bracesclear alignersForever Gold® braces, and more. Our goal at our orthodontic office is to help you feel confident in your happy, healthy smile. Choose from any of the options below to learn more about our many state-of-the-art treatment options.

Invisible Braces

At Coastal Orthodontics, we understand that some patients prefer not to let the whole world know that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you’re one of these people, we have good news: Dr. Garrison and our experienced team have the expertise to offer invisible braces in Beaufort, SC. We have helped 10,000+ patients in the Lowcountry and throughout South Carolina attain their best smiles since 1984 – and we’re happy to help you!

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces in Beaufort, SC, are still the go-to solution for most cases of misaligned and crooked teeth. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these braces straighten teeth using an archwire and metal brackets. Plus, today’s metal braces are smaller, sleeker, and more polished than ever before. With metal braces, you can also customize and even alternate colors with your rubber bands.

Ceramic Braces

The majority of patients who choose ceramic braces over more traditional metal braces do so to improve their smiles without generating a great deal of attention on themselves. Clear ceramic braces in Beaufort, SC, are a perfect cosmetic fix for patients concerned about their appearance while undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, despite their discreet character, ceramic braces are still equally as effective as traditional metal braces!

gold braces Coastal Orthodontics Orthodontist in Beaufort, SC

Gold Braces

When patients want to make a truly unique statement with their braces treatment, our award-winning practice offers an appealing aesthetic option with gold braces in Beaufort, SC. Our Forever Gold® stylish braces add a refined appearance to your smile and allow you to improve your confidence while you’re enhancing your smile with orthodontic treatment. The small, smooth design complements the finish while providing comfort beyond that of large, bulkier brackets.

Spark Clear Aligners

For a good reason, clear aligner treatment is gaining favor among orthodontic patients. Aligners are more discreet, comfortable, and reliable than they have ever been before. And Invisalign is no longer the only choice available. We use Spark aligners to treat our patients at Coastal Orthodontics in Beaufort, SC.

Children’s Orthodontics

Parents are usually relieved to learn that early treatment for their child is not necessarily about getting braces. It’s about setting your child up for a lifetime of optimal oral health, which is affected by the proper alignment and symmetry of their smile, jaw, and face. Your child’s early evaluation with our pediatric orthodontist in Beaufort, SC, is not simply for aesthetics but will help guide the growth and development of their jaw and teeth – preventing more serious problems later.

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