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You might have been thinking for a while about whether to look into orthodontic treatment finally. Many adults suffer from issues with their and bite alignments. Orthodontic treatments can correct misaligned and overcrowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other similar issues, but the prospect of getting adult braces can be intimidating for many patients. Some adults never received orthodontic care as a child and might consider finally getting their smiles corrected. Others got treatment when they were younger but have had their straightened teeth regress because of changes in their mouth accompanying inconsistent wearing of retainers. 

Whatever your reasons for exploring braces in adulthood, there are more benefits than the cosmetic reason of getting a straighter smile. Crooked or overcrowded teeth can be difficult to clean. This also makes it easier for bacteria and plaque to build up and cause gum and tooth decay, even with good brushing and flossing habits. This can lead to more costly problems down the road requiring procedures like gum grafting and root canal therapy to fix. 

Crooked or misaligned teeth can also cause problems with sleeping related to teeth grinding and clenching. This can also cause tooth decay that can lead to cavities and other more severe infections, impacting the overall health of teeth and gums. Avoiding gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease can help your heart and cardiovascular health, among other things. This is why it is better to get orthodontic treatment sooner rather than later as an adult. 


Why get Metal Braces as an Adult Over Other Options

Metal braces present a cost-effective and high-quality treatment option for adults to get a better smile and take care of their health. Invisible aligners are not always the best or fastest treatment option depending on your jaws and teeth condition. Advanced metal braces can also offer benefits that mitigate some of the concerns many adults have about getting braces, including discomfort from metal braces against the gums and the prominence of braces in professional settings. After an examination of your teeth and gums, we can give a consultation on the options and if metal braces make the most sense for your treatment. 


Types of Metal Braces for Adults

We can offer traditional braces or advanced braces when it comes to metal braces. The main difference is that traditional braces use rubber bands or elastics to apply sufficient pressure between each bracket and the archwire. Advanced braces use self-ligating brackets that attach directly to the wire. 

Traditional metal braces have three components. A metal bracket is attached to each tooth, and a metal wire connects the brackets to each other, creating an overall system. Rubber bands or elastics wrap around the bracket and the wire to help create the pressure that moves each tooth. Regular visits are required to ensure that your braces are adjusted correctly and create the right kind of movement.  

Self-ligating braces, on the other hand, require fewer visits. This is because the brackets on self-ligating braces attach directly to the wire without any need for elastics. This allows them to, in many cases, work more quickly and adjust and apply pressure on their own, so adjustments and monitoring don’t have to be as frequent. The brackets on self-ligating braces are also smaller and do not create as much discomfort inside the mouth. 


What it’s Like to get Braces for Adults at Coastal Orthodontics

If you are looking for an adult braces dentist in Beaufort, SC, come to Coastal Orthodontics! Getting braces put on is handled in a single visit. We will explain the process to you one more time when you come in and then begin. First, your teeth are cleaned thoroughly. Then the brackets are glued to each tooth. Last, the archwire is attached to the brackets and snipped at the end to make sure it does not touch your gums.

You will have regularly scheduled appointments to come in, at which point we will check on progress, make adjustments, and answer your questions. We want to make sure you are comfortable and help adjust the braces if you feel excessive discomfort or pain with the movement throughout your procedure.


Call us today and schedule an appointment to get started. We would love to help you get on the path toward a happier, healthier, and better-looking smile and bite.

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