Smile Confidently With Spark Aligners

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have perfect teeth? The answer is not always genetics, but sometimes it’s orthodontic work. Previously, they were metal braces, but now, Spark Aligners have taken over. 

Spark Aligners are a type of clear aligner that corrects teeth alignment without metal wires and brackets. Choosing Spark aligners over traditional braces has many advantages. We’ll give you some examples!


Unlike metal braces, Spark aligners are smoother and less noticeable in your mouth. They are a soft plastic material that do not irritate the gums and cheeks; you won’t have to worry about food getting stuck in them.


Traditional braces require frequent adjustments, but with Spark aligners, these appointments are fewer and faster. Since the aligners are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you want. You can also remove them to brush and floss your teeth as usual.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Decay: 

Since Spark aligners are removable, there is no chance of food getting stuck in them, leading to tooth decay. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners cause fewer tooth decay and gum diseases.

Aesthetically Pleasing: 

Spark aligners are nearly invisible. Unlike traditional braces, Spark aligners don’t have metal wires and brackets that make you feel self-conscious while smiling. Spark aligners are perfect for adults who don’t want to feel like teenagers with braces.

Improved Oral Health: 

Properly aligned teeth not only enhance the aesthetic of your smile but also improve your oral health. Straight and evenly spaced teeth drastically reduce the risk of oral problems like gum diseases, inflammation, and tooth decay. Besides, aligned teeth contribute to better mouth hygiene, making it easier to brush and floss.

Easy Process:

The process involves a series of custom-made, clear aligners worn over your teeth for a specific time. The first step involves a consultation with Dr. Garrison to determine whether Spark aligners fit your teeth and gums. 

If so, we’ll take digital scans and X-rays to create a 3D model of your teeth. This model is then used to design your custom aligners, which you’ll wear for two weeks at a time, gradually moving your teeth into the desired position. We will monitor your progress as you progress through each aligner and make any necessary adjustments.

Easy Care:

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for lasting oral health, especially when wearing Spark aligners. To ensure you’re properly caring for your teeth and aligners, brush and floss regularly. Brushing your teeth after every meal or snack is essential to remove any food particles that may get caught between your teeth and aligners. 

Using a soft-bristled brush, clean your aligners gently to avoid damaging them. Avoid drinking beverages that can stain your aligners, such as coffee or red wine. Also, schedule regular check-ups with our team to monitor your progress and ensure everything goes well. With proper care, your teeth will look and feel amazing quickly!

Can Spark Aligners Treat As Well as Metal Braces?

The answer is yes! If you’re looking for a way to achieve a straighter smile without the drawbacks of traditional braces, Spark Aligners, may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Spark Aligners can correct many orthodontic issues, including overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and gaps. Traditional braces might be your best bet if you have severe orthodontic issues. The best way to determine which treatment option suits you is to consult Dr. Garrison. 

Spark Aligners in Beaufort

Spark Aligners are undoubtedly an excellent choice for correcting tooth alignment. Spark Aligners offer comfort, convenience, improved oral health, better aesthetics, and reduced risk of tooth decay. Moreover, with Spark Aligners, , you don’t have to worry about clumsy braces that make eating and brushing your teeth uncomfortable. 

At Coastal Orthodontics, we prioritize the individual needs and personal preferences of each patient. We hope you have learned about Spark Aligner’s benefits and consider it an option for your orthodontic treatment. In addition to Spark Aligners, we offer traditional metal, ceramic, and even gold braces in Beaufort, South Carolina. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Garrison to find out more.

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