What are Spark Aligners? Are they Different from Invisalign?

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What are Spark Aligners? Are they Different from Invisalign?

With good reason, clear aligners are becoming more and more popular among orthodontic patients. More reliable than ever, aligners are discreet and comfortable. There are now alternatives to Invisalign. At Coastal Orthodontics, we focus on using tried-and-true, state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to give our patients excellent results and a superior experience. For those adults and teens who desire a removably clear alternative to straightening their teeth, we are pleased to introduce the SparkTM Clear Aligner System.


What are Spark Clear Braces?

TruGEN, the most recent innovation in clear aligner material, is used to make Spark Aligners. Spark is one of the most discreet and comfortable aligners on the market right now. Every aligner is hand trimmed to provide the maximum level of comfort. The material used to make the aligners may also contribute to more effective and efficient movement, shortening the duration of treatment.

Dr. Garrison can predictably and effectively treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns using the proprietary materials and technology of the Spark system, ensuring you’ll receive the results you want even if you have a complex case.


Spark vs. Invisalign Clear Aligners

Spark Aligners and Invisalign Aligners are both clear, plastic aligners that straighten teeth. Invisalign has been around longer and is more well-known, but Spark Aligners are a newer product that is becoming increasingly popular. Both brands use a series of gradually-changing aligners to move teeth into the desired position gradually. 

Spark Aligners are made from a softer plastic, which some patients find to be more comfortable. Spark Aligners are also less expensive than Invisalign Aligners. Spark Aligners must be worn for 22 hours per day, while Invisalign Aligners must be worn for 20 hours per day. Spark Aligners can be worn for up to 6 months, while Invisalign Aligners can be worn for up to 18 months. 

The most significant difference is that only orthodontists provide Spark aligners. This difference means that the most skilled and experienced orthodontist is always administering the treatment. Spark ensures that your care is always administered by an orthodontist who is knowledgeable about the subtleties of tooth movement and has the training necessary to deliver the best results.

Ultimately, the best type of aligner for each patient will depend on their individual needs and preferences.


Clear Braces Spark Aligners

So what is the Spark aligners’ difference? Why straighten your teeth with Spark clear aligners? Spark clear aligners are the latest innovation in orthodontic treatment, offering several advantages over traditional braces. First, Spark clear aligners are virtually invisible, so they are less noticeable than braces. Second, with Spark, you can remove clear aligners for eating and brushing, so you can maintain good oral hygiene during treatment. Third, Spark clear aligners are more comfortable than braces, and they cause less irritation to the gums and cheeks. Finally, Spark clear aligners are more affordable than traditional braces, making them an excellent option for patients on a budget. Other benefits compared to competitor brands include:

  • More clear
  • Fewer stains
  • Polished edges make them more comfortable
  • BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalates free, making it safe
  • Orthodontist controlled

Greater transparency is preferable in regards to appearance. The clearness and stain-resistant material lessen the visibility of your orthodontic product. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the distinctive way that teeth reflect light, which is the crucial factor in why they appear more “natural.”


Spark Aligners in Beaufort, SC

You deserve the best care for your smile, which means having it straightened out by a board-certified orthodontist. Spark Aligners ensures that the orthodontist handling your treatment is a specialist in assisting patients in realizing their ideal smiles daily. Come to Coastal Orthodontics and have a consultation with Dr. Garrison, the top orthodontist in Beaufort, SC. Schedule a consultation today!

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